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General Information and Plaza Facts

Who owns Plaza Las Américas?
The parent company is Plaza Las Américas, Inc., a private company from Puerto Rico.

Do they own any other shopping center in Puerto Rico?
Yes. Plaza Del Caribe Mall in Ponce.

What activities take place at Plaza Las Américas?
Plaza is definitely the place to come for entertainment. Nearly every week there is entertainment or a different themed event or exhibition taking place. For information on what’s happening at Plaza, check out our “Calendar” tab in the home page. For more information on how to rent space as an exhibitor at Plaza Las Américas, click on to this link for Fairs and Exhibits

Can I find samples of Puerto Rican art in Plaza Las Américas?
Patronizing the arts and the Puerto Rican artisans is a serious commitment for Plaza’s management. Since the beginning, Plaza has set aside spaces inside the mall dedicated solely to Puerto Rican art. Currently, you can acquire some samples of Puerto Rican craftsmanship in the Ricardo Alegría Cultural Hall on the third floor and by Sears on the first floor. Here you will find art pieces by Puerto Rican artisans.

Walking through our corridors, you will see art medallions that symbolize different aspects of Puerto Rican culture. These unique art pieces where created by renowned local artists such as Myrna Báez, Nick Quijano, Martita Pérez-García, Antonio Martorell and Jo Schneider. They celebrate the beauty of Puerto Rico as well as its culture.

Does Plaza Las Américas have medical offices or services related to health?
Plaza Las Américas has a 12-floor tower where you can find a variety of private offices, mainly doctors, specialists, laboratories and other health-related offices. You can access The Plaza Tower through the elevators located on the first and third floors. Check the Shopping Center Directory for directions. Besides parking for free, using the medical services in The Plaza Tower enables you to visit the rest of Plaza for errands, relaxation, or a meal, all in one trip.

Are there any employment opportunities at Plaza Las Américas?
With more than 300 stores, a 13-screen movie theater and more than 40 restaurants, Plaza Las Américas is an excellent place to look for a job. For employment opportunities: click here.

How can I get in touch with Plaza’s mall management?
To contact our administration call (787) 767-1525 during mall office hours (Monday through Friday – 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) and our receptionist will direct your call. During the weekends contact the Customer Service Center for assistance at (787) 767-5202.

Amenities and Services

Does Plaza Las Américas have valet parking?
The shopping mall provides valet parking service, for $7 daily tax inclusive. The valet drop-off areas are located at FirstBank/Oriental, Banco Santander/Red Lobster, Macy’s, JCPenney, P.F. Chang’s and on the 3rd  Level – La Terraza.

Are taxis readily available at Plaza Las Américas?
You can find a taxi stand at the mall’s main entrance, where Oriental and First Bank are located. They are available at all times during the mall’s operating hours.

Can I find ATMs in Plaza Las Américas?
All five banks located inside the shopping mall have ATM service. You can also find ATM’s in the restaurant wing on the south end of the first floor, and on the corridor to Caribbean Cinemas on the second floor. In addition, you can find ATMs in the food court (La Terraza), and on the third level between the Grand Court and JCPenney.

Does Plaza have diaper changing stations for babies?
The stations for changing baby diapers are located in the women’s and men’s restrooms located on the first level in the restaurant wing and on the third level at La Terraza food court.

Does Plaza Las Américas have designated areas for nursing?
In Plaza Las Américas you can use any common area to breastfeed your baby. Plaza also provides a private nursing room located across the women’s restroom on the first level, in the south restaurant wing, located between Macy’s and Borders.

Does Plaza Las Américas have a gift card?
With its Plaza Gift Card, Plaza Las Américas provides an alternative for the ideal gift. It is for sale at the Customer Service Center located on the first level, Grand Court, and NOW it can also be purchased online through this website. It is available in the amounts of $25, $50, $75, $100 and $500. The Plaza Gift Card is an excellent gift idea and can be used in over 200 stores including Macy’s, Sears and JCPenney.

Which stores accept the Plaza Gift Card?
For a list of stores that accept the Plaza Gift Card click here.

What additional services can I find in Plaza Las Américas?
Plaza Las Américas provides a variety of services to make your shopping experience a more pleasant and convenient one. Some of the additional services you can find are:


Conveniently located throughout the mall.

At each of the five banks located on the 1st Level at the main entrances
1st Level South Mall restaurants corridor
2nd Level Caribbean Cinemas corridor
3rd Level at La Terraza food court
3rd Level by Walgreens drugstore


There are five banks conveniently located throughout the mall’s main entrances:

Banco Popular – 1st Level, North Parking Deck entrance
Banco Santander – 1st Level, East entrance by Sears
Oriental – 1st Level, Main entrance
FirstBank – 1st Level, Main entrance
Scotiabank – 1st Level, South Mall Restaurants entrance

Breastfeeding Lounge

It is located on the 1st Level across from the South Mall restrooms. It is easily accessed by pressing the intercom’s call button for our security personnel to open the door and protect each mother’s privacy.

Cell Phone retail locations

There are nine cell phone retail locations conveniently located throughout the mall:

AT&T I – 2nd Level  North Parking Deck entrance

AT&T II – 2nd Level, Grand Court to JCPenney corridor

Claro I – 1st Level, South Mall Restaurants corridor

Claro III – 2nd Level, Sears corridor

Open Mobile I – 1st Level, South Mall Restaurants corridor

Sprint – Main corridor

T-Mobile I – 1st Level, Grand Court to JCPenney corridor

T-Mobile II – 2nd Level, Grand Court to Sears corridor

Copies / Fax
Copies and facsimiles are processed at a reasonable cost in our Customer Service Center located on the first level, Grand Court.

Customer Service Center

Our Customer Service personnel is available to provide you with general information about the mall, the stores, the services, and our activities. It is located on the first level, Grand Court. For more information call (787) 767-5202.

Gift Wrap

Gift wrapping is available at a reasonable price on the third level in Sears and 4th level in JCPenney.

Lost and Found

Lost and found articles can be picked up or returned at the surveillance office located on the third level, in La Terraza food court.

Mall Gift Cards

Available for sale at the Customer Service Center, located on the first level, Grand Court. They are sold in the following denominations: $25, $50, $75, $100 & $500.

Passport Services

You can benefit from this service at our in-house U.S. State Department Office, located on the third level, by the JCPenney entrance.

Photo Development

Available at Walgreens on the third level, Grand Court.

Plaza Trolley

Daytime – “El PON de PLAZA” is a free trolley to facilitate access of people from the Hato Rey area to Plaza Las Americas and vice versa during the lunch hour.

The service, free of cost to the user, will be available Monday through Friday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and will have four stops to pick up and drop off passengers:

  • In front of Torre Chardón, Chardón Avenue
  • In front of La Lotería & municipality Building of San Juan
  • In front of the old WesternBank Plaza in Muñoz Rivera Avenue
  • In front of the Urban Train Station Roosevelt
  • In front of La Lotería & municipality Building of San Juan (going to PLAZA)
  • In front of Tres Monjitas, Chardón Avenue
  • In front of  Santander Bank at Plaza Las Américas

Night – Plaza Las Américas has an official vehicle that offers transportation to visitors around the exterior of the mall after regular mall hours. For your convenience, the Trolley is clearly labeled with Plaza’s logo and is available for free during the following hours:

Monday through Thursday, from 9 PM to midnight

Fridays and Saturdays, from 9 PM to 2 AM

Sundays, from 5 PM to midnight

The stops are the following:

Initial Stop: Pick-up/Drop-off at the Banco Popular / U.S. Postal Office entrance

First Stop: Pick-up/Drop-off at Sears – doors next to Burger King

Second Stop: Pick-up/Drop-off at Oriental/ FirstBank entrance

Third Stop: Pick-up/Drop-off at Scotiabank entrance

Portrait Studios

There are two portrait studios at the mall, one on JCPenney fourth floor and the other at Sears third floor.

Taxi Stand

Conveniently located at the mall’s main entrance.

Ticket Sales Outlet (Shows)

Ticket Center located on the 3rd Level at the food court

Phone (787) 792-5000

Travel Agency

Travel with Sears, located on Sears third floor
Phone (787) 764-7479

US Postal Service Office

Located on the First Level, North Parking Deck entrance, across from Banco Popular

Valet Parking

There are five permanent valet parking stations. These are located at:

1st Level, Main entrance: First Bank and Oriental

1st Level, South Parking Deck by Macy’s
1st Level, JCPenney entrance
1st Level, between the Santander and Red Lobster’ entrances – Thursday – Saturday 11:00 – 9:00 PM and Sunday 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM
3rd Level, La Terraza

1st level at the Customer Service Center, located on Grand Court.

Video Relay Service®.
Empowers deaf persons to place VRS calls to hearing persons and have a conversation in real time. An ASL interpreter in a call center “relays” the conversation between the two parties, empowering Deaf callers to use their native language – American Sign Language (ASL), and the hearing person to use spoken Spanish or spoken English. Available on the 1st level by the Customer Service Center on Grand Court.



Wheelchair usage is available on a first come, first serve basis, at no cost. Wheelchairs may be picked up at the Customer Service Center located on the first level, Grand Court.


PLAZA Wi-Fi, a wireless network to access high-speed Internet in all of the shopping center’s common areas. Network access is free of charge for our guests.

Store Information

How many stores does Plaza Las Américas have?
Plaza Las Américas has more than 300 retailers, where you can find the best local and international brands.

Which stores can I find in Plaza Las Américas that are not in any other shopping center?
Among our exclusive, Only at Plaza, stores are: Abercrombie & Fitch, , Bose,  Build-A-Bear Workshop, David Yurman, Everything But Water, Façonnable, Guess by Marciano, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Nine West, Sephora, and West Elm, among others.

Which stores can be found around Plaza Las Américas’ periphery?
Around Plaza Las Américas’ periphery, you can find well-known stores such as: Big Kmart, Office Max, Toys R’ Us, Best Buy, Rooms To Go and Pueblo Supermarket.

What are the kinds of food and entertainment available at Plaza Las Américas?
At Plaza Las Américas, you can find 40 eateries, 12 full-service restaurants, a 13-screen movie theater and a multimedia and video game room for kids.

Where in Plaza Las Americas can I get fresh fruits and veggies?
La Placita en PLAZA, PLAZA’s Farmer’s Market opens to the public on the last weekend of each month, from Thursday to Friday, during the mall’s regular operating hours.  It is located on the third level, in front of JC Penney’s entrance.

Doing Business at Plaza

What is the process to open a store in Plaza Las Américas?

Plaza Las Américas presents attractive opportunities to establish your business, not only for local merchants, but also international ones. To obtain more information about opening a store at Plaza Las Américas, click here to learn about leasing opportunities.

How do I find out more about opening a cart inside the shopping center?
For those who are interested in information about seasonal or short-term leasing, Plaza Las Américas offers the Cart Program. For more information about renting in the Cart Program at Plaza Las Américas, click here to learn about leasing opportunities.

What is the process for advertising in Plaza Las Américas?
The “Plaza Ad” program presents an opportunity for companies, products and services to tastefully present their messages to customers at Plaza Las Américas. Companies who utilize the advertising exposure available at Plaza Las Américas have direct access to thousands of customers and potential customers who visit Plaza’s pleasant environment for shopping, entertainment, or just as part of an outing. You may apply to advertise your product at key, high-traffic locations on the interior and exterior of the mall. For more information about advertising at Plaza Las Américas, click here to learn about Plaza AD, or contact Vivienne Birriel at (787) 767-1525.

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