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05/15/2020 - 09/30/2020

“Curbside Pick-Up”

List of Participating Stores – Contact the store directly to place your order or learn about the details and pickup areas

Stores                                PICKUP AREA

Baker’s                              South

Banana Republic             South

MONTBLANC                   North

Carolina Herrera             North

Casa Norberto                 North

Cohen Fashion Optical   North

DAVID YURMAN              North

Eclectic /Desigual            North

Ego Shoes                        North

Florsheim                         North

Forever Crystal                North

Galeria                              South

GAP                                    South

Hollister                            South

Kiehl’s                                South

KIYUME                              North

KOKOMO                          North

KURY                                  North


La Favorita                       North

LBEL                                   North

Modernica                       North

Naturalizer                       South

Novus                                North

NYX                                    South

O BAG                                North

Old Navy                           South

PANDORA                        South

REINHOLD                        North

Sumaq Silver                    North

Taco Maker                      South

Totto                                  North

Tous                                   North

Toys4Fun                         North

Unode50                          North

Vitamin World                South

VomFass                          North

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